Redesign for Momofuku cookbook.  Inspired by David Chang's modern take on Asian cuisine while honoring the integrity of it's history.  Momofuku is written in a bold ink typography to reference the artistic writing of Japanese calligraphy.  Chang's known for his creative ramen recipes that honor the true origin of the dish.  In this vein, the graphic style honors the ukiyo-e technique, or Japanese woodblock printing, while highlighting Chang's most famous ingredient.
 Nick Harkaway weaved a world of fantasy and nightmares created by a government weapon.  The bookcover is meant to intrigue readers with an interpretation of a possible creature in Harkaway’s alternate universe.
 No Comply, a skate company in Austin, TX, hosts an annual competition that I look forward to doing every year. A skateboard is a canvas open to any representation you can possibly imagine, no matter how radical it is. This year, I created the story of an alien tribal warrior preparing for battle, with a layout of his necessities, including weapons, armor, and jewelry.  The necklace is a reference to No Comply’s 10th anniversary logo.  I placed in the top 3 for 2017 from over a thousand entries. 
 Re-branding for an architecture firm.  The architect and founder of Robinson-White Design wanted a creative logo that used his intitals with architectural undertones.  We used the idea of creating spaces with lights and voids, a concept the architect utilizes in his buildings.
 Branding of a food truck that I imagined to be stationed at the skatepark. Classic American food with a radical feel. I wanted it to feel fun, classic, and represent decades of skateboarding pop culture. 
 Countries compete for the honor to host the olympic games.  A successful bid for the games includes branding your city.  For this project, I chose to brand Oslo for the 2022 Winter Olympics.  The main concept is centered around the reindeer, an iconic Norwegian animal, rendered with Viking folkart references.  I wanted to honor Norway and its rich history, while representing the sleek and modern precision of winter sports today.
 This logo was created for an Austin based reggae band for sxsw. The letters form a representation of a cornerstone rendered loosely to have the feel of the lo-fi retro roots style the band has. They had 300 shirts printed and were sold out before the festival was over. We are continuing to create merchandise with more colors, designs, and variety.